I still think sugaring is fantastic – hence keeping this website up –                                                                             however I am not currently taking on clients.

Leeds’ first
sugaring studio

We were called WellWaxed. And then… we discovered SUGARING!
We offer it because we believe in it.

sugaring studio

We were called WellWaxed… but we discovered SUGARING!
We offer it because we believe in it.

The sweet spot of hair removal

Sugaring is a balanced treatment for your skin and hair follicles. The mouldable organic sugar paste is worked into the skin, without hardening on application. The soft texture of the paste, combined with direct hand application, allows naturally antiseptic, exfoliating and conditioning properties of the paste to work on the whole environment of the hair. Enables a deeper and more precise extraction with less breakage.

Changing the hair removal industry forever

About 80% of people who try sugaring with us, do not go back to waxing.

We aim to convert as many people as possible to sugaring, to minimise the environmental impact within the hair removal industry.

Because this method is so effective, you only need to give us one chance.

It works

For the skin. For the hair. For the environment.
With 100% certified pure organic ingredients.

Business with values

We run our business in a way that is aligned with our values. Simply because it makes us happy.

  • Operating on a super green utility tariff to heat our treatment spaces and the sugar pastes.
  • Using biodegradable gloves, wipes and soil friendly 100% ORGANIC sugar paste. Plus recycled couch paper and mineral powder.
  • Sourcing our eco cleaning products and wipes from a workers’ cooperative.
  • Depositing money with an ethical bank (TRIDOS).
  • Streaming internet from a company that is using business as a force for good (Zen).


Book your appointment

Now that you know what sugar cravings are for and you discovered Leeds’ 1st sugaring studio, turn your cravings into one of our treatments.


It is our goal to make everyone feel comfortable in our parlour. We are kindly asking that you:

  • Arrive alone for your appointment. We only let the person receiving the treatment in.
  • Wait in your car or go for a walk around Potternewton park if you are early for your appointment. We will open the doors to you 5 minutes before your treatment.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided on arrival.
  • You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days please let us know.

Our Protocols

  • Appointmensts are spaced out to allow extra time for cleaning / sanitisation.
  • We are using fresh apron for every customer.
  • Sanitising of personal spaces and hand washing is taking place in between clients.

Please email contact@getsugared.co.uk with any queries or questions.


Body brushing is not just exfoliation. It is an essential part of hair extraction routine. Please read our guide.


Please see our anwsers to some frequently asked questions here→


Clean beauty spending is growing fast as customers become conscious about availability of more ethical, clean buying options. This plays out in the hair removal sector when it comes to sugaring vs waxing. Using our power as ethical consumers can protect our world for future generations.


We really value personal hygiene and clients who arrive clean are most welcome.

Never expect sugaring to be a massage.


If you need to cancel your appointment or reschedule please less than 24 hours before your appointment 50% of the original booking fee will be added to your next appointment when you book. Please understand last minute cancellations really impact our salon over time and make it difficult for us to fill the slots last minute.

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