The Eco Friendly Hair Removal Option

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The ingredients in our sugar paste are: sugar (lots of it), lemon and water, from certified organic origin.

This makes it stand out from all other hair removal products.

Even the most natural hard waxes from well-known brands like Lycon, contain paraffin, which is petroleum derived, and/or glyceryl hydrogenated rosinate, found to be harmful.

Sugar paste resembles the consistency of a thick honey and feels sweetly sticky when applied onto the skin. It is mouldable, and we spread it on the surface of the skin with a direct hand technique. Following our treatment, the skin feels luxuriously nourished. The sugaring treatment does not dry the skin out, and therefore there is no need to apply emollients afterwards.

Sugar paste is readily compostable, water soluble and does not impact negatively on the soil after disposal. The preparation of the paste does not involve any heavy processing, like in the case of petroleum derived products and hydrogenation. The sugar paste undergoes a process of simple cooking to achieve the desired consistencies. At our studio we use three different consistencies of sugar paste: soft, medium, and hard.

We are proud to be able to offer this cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly hair removal option to our Leeds customers.

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