We strive to be a new type of beauty business that aligns itself with ethical principles of fair-trade, organic, and environmentally friendly.

Personal and professional standards: Conscious, Mindful and Intentional. This includes the environment we are providing, including treatment bed and lighting, workmanship, and pure and natural products we apply on your skin. We value the quality of our supplies and suppliers. We deal only in natural, vegetarian and vegan goods promoting organic production and championing fairtrade.

We are mindful about working on a skin with wide open follicles, we are therefore using the gentlest products – natural and ORGANIC, that can then be disposed of safely without being a burden on the environment.

We are consciously choosing to only use non-toxic, harmless cleaning products in every bit of our premises.

We’re also intentional about using ethical suppliers when it comes to buying our products, utilities and banking.

Nothing but hair removal: We specialise in hair removal and nothing else. This helps us to remain dedicated to the craft and excel at it.

About me

I have a double barrelled last name and the first four letters of the second component are GLOW, hence, Joanna Glow. Before setting up my own studio, I worked as a freelance interpreter in a range of sectors, working with all sorts of people both the private sector and in public services.

I have been following an organic plant-based way of living for a long time, and running a sugaring business just grew on as an extension of my lifestyle and values. I offer sugaring because I believe it is a cleaner and more effective alternative.

I had the privilege of learning a lot living in a shared house with people who cared, especially someone called Lizzie. Feel free to ask me about following a plant-based diet, where to buy the best organic produce, and everyday living where you can make a change.

I believe that running a business in a way that supports a more ethical economy, is the way to happiness. When you visit getSUGARED you are supporting an ethically run business.

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