Sugaring vs Waxing

We strive to be a new type of beauty business that aligns itself with ethical principles of fair-trade, organic, and environmentally friendly.

Sugaring is an alternative to waxing, and will appeal to those looking for a more natural, gentler yet effective method of hair removal, with the added benefit of excellent skin conditioning and exfoliation.

For the client sugaring requires less frequent maintenance. For the salon it entails higher product costs (compared to using even the more expensive waxing brands like Perron Rigot), and is more time consuming as a service.

Some differences between the two »

Sugaring Waxing
Natural product that doesn’t harm the skin and the environment.
Sugaring is a skin TREATMENT. Not just a hair removal procedure.
Works really well for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.
100% safe.
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